Verona 2-2 Inter: Inter dropped to fourth spot

Verona 2-2 Inter - Inter dropped to fourth spot
Verona 2-2 Inter - Inter dropped to fourth spot

After a great show against Brescia, Inter Milan fell in successive two matches against Bologna and today against Verona to miss points in the crucial last lap of Serie A. They were forced to a 2-2 draw today against Verona at Marcantonio Bentegodi.

Conte started with Lukaku, Valero and Sanchez at the front. Both Lautaro Martinez and Eriksen started at the bench.

Clearly, the combination that Conte thought to work, actually fell flat. Verona were at the top of their game, and from the goal, which Nerazzurri conceded early, there were wave of Verona attack. As the scoreboard remained the same, Inter did not have to face the embarrassment of conceding further.

Lukaku and Valero did not gel through at the front. Sanchez played a role little deep. He controlled the moves for Inter, which Eriksen used to do at Tottenham. Much of innovativeness and adaptation from Sanchez did not bear fruit as others could not take advantage of that.

Inter Milan did everything Conte wanted. But Lautaro’s presence at the front was missed. Inter could not move past the agony of the missed penalty by Martinez and subsequent loss against Bologna.

Darko Lazović scored early moving past Milan Škriniar inside the penalty area; he kept the ball high and hard from an angle to provide host 1-0 lead. Antonio Candreva levelled after the break as he coolly placed the ball at the back of the net, on the rebound to a Romelu Lukaku attempt.

Inter quickly got ahead 2-1, with a big defection from Federico Dimarco of Verona. But Miguel Veloso scored five minutes to regular time when Inter lost focus, and Handanović could not do much but watching the pall move past him from an attempt from 20 yards.

Post Match – Verona vs Inter Milan

In terms of effort, hunger and determination, I have no complaints. Let’s not forget, we played against a Verona side that keeps a high tempo and makes that its greatest strength. I think Inter replied blow for blow.

There is the usual regret that we conceded a goal five minutes from time on a throw-in. These are situations that are disappointing because you drop points along the way and they add up. We deserved to win the game.

Verona barely had a shot on goal in the second half. We conceded through a throw-in and ball across to a player on the edge of the box.

I don’t want to say too much as people love to claim I always criticise, criticise, criticise. I don’t; I just want to help everyone improve and move forward.

Antonio Conte, Inter Milan Manager told Sky Sport Italia

Inter have now dropped a whopping 20 points from leading positions in Serie A this season. This is the extent Conte could have allowed as falling further could jeopardise their Champions League dream.

We’re doing important work and I focus on that. I think you can see the results of the work we’re doing. The fact we lost 20 points should push us to reflect and continue improving.

We’re well aware that we dropped points in a stupid fashion throughout the season, otherwise we’d be talking about a very different campaign.”

Antonio Conte, Inter Milan Manager told Sky Sport Italia