Newcastle fans hoping again, after takeover collapse

Newcastle 0-0 Brighton Brighton ensured top-flight survival

Newcastle were going through a takeover process during the summer but the move was blocked by the Premier League and Mike Ashley stayed on as the club’s owner.

A Saudi led consortium wanted to buy the Premier League club before the start of this season.

The Premier league’s decision did not go down well with the fans and they have been protesting ever since.

The Newcastle fans believe that the fanbase have been kept in the dark for too long and they want the real reasons behind the denial of the takeover to be made public.

The fans have been demanding a takeover for years now because of Mike Ashley’s mismanagement of the club and they were very close to getting their wish fulfilled earlier in the summer.

The Saudi backed investment group wanted to spend heavily on the Newcastle squad and they were being linked with top class players as well.

It will be interesting to see if the Newcastle supporters consortium can succeed with their legal action against the Premier League.

“We, as fans, are more than confident in the outcome of this action. Why gesture against our actions & stress your intent to slow this down! Let a court decide,” the group – spearheaded by Keith Patterson and Gordon Stein – said.

“We’re simply fans wanting honest answers. Nothing complicated. But we won’t be deterred in our search for the real reasons why this takeover wasn’t granted. We know who stopped it and will make that public for the fans who have been kept in the dark too long.”