Coronavirus: Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz passed away

Former president of Real Madrid, Lorenzo Sanz has died at the age of 76 after contracting the coronavirus.

Coronavirus Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz passed away
Coronavirus Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz passed away

Lorenzo Sanz was president of Real Madrid between 1995 and 2000. During that period, the club had two Champions League triumphs, one La Liga title and the Spanish giants winning the now-defunct European Cup Winners’ Cup.

He had been admitted to hospital this week with coronavirus-like symptoms, the pandemic having sent Spain and other nations into lockdown.

Sanz’s son, Lorenzo, on Saturday confirmed his father’s passing on Twitter before LaLiga and Madrid released statements.

My father has just died, He did not deserve it to end in this manner. One of the best, most courageous and hard working people I have seen in my life. His family and Real Madrid were his passion.

Lorenzo Sanz, son of Former Real Madrid President

Real Madrid, its president and the board of directors regret with great consternation the death of Lorenzo Sanz, who was president of Real Madrid from 1995 to 2000.
They also want to express their deepest condolences and all their affection and affection to his wife Mari Luz, their children, Lorenzo, Francisco, Fernando, María Luz [Malula] and Diana, and their family and friends. Condolences that also extend to all Real Madrid.
Today, Real Madrid is mourning the loss of a president who dedicated a large part of his life to his great passion: Real Madrid.
Given the current circumstances, Real Madrid will pay him the recognition he deserves as soon as possible.”

Real Madrid Statement on Official Website

The first thing I want to convey is my condolences to his entire family, especially his wife Mari Luz, their children, Lorenzo, Francisco, Fernando, Malula and Diana, their grandchildren, and all their friends and loved ones. To all of them all my love and all the strength and encouragement in such a difficult time. I want them to know that Real Madrid is at their side today.  

This situation we are going through is so cruel that it prevents us from being with ours in its last moments and that is something really hard and sad. I also remember, of course, all the people, all the families who are experiencing this terrible drama. I want to express my solidarity with all of them.  

We live a time that we could not imagine even in the worst nightmares.

Today we remember the figure of Lorenzo Sanz, who has been the victim of this tragedy, a president who brought the long-awaited European Cup to Madrid fans after 32 years of long waiting. The madridistas will always remember him as the president who gave us back hope and joy on May 20, 1998 in Amsterdam.

Statement by President Florentino Pérez about Lorenzo Sanz

Madrid captain Sergio Ramos tweeted: “Very sad day for Real Madrid. Lorenzo Sanz connected yesterday and today with two numbers for the story: 7 and 8 [Champions League triumphs in 1998 and 2000}.

“His death saddens even more these difficult days in which we find ourselves. My deep condolences to family and friends. Rest in peace.”

Legendary former Madrid goalkeeper Iker Casillas also paid his respects.

He tweeted: “DEP President, a big hug to family and friends in these difficult times. And a very special memory for those who have also left us because of this fatal virus. Much strength to all.”