Coronavirus: Return of Football – Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga and Serie A

Euro, Copa America postponed until next summer
Euro, Copa America postponed until next summer

The coronavirus pandemic has brought the world standstill and halted all sporting events including football worldwide. The Olympics have been pushed back to 2021, so are the Euros and Copa America. We even saw top soccer leagues ended their season in France, Netherlands and Belgium.

The pandemic has impacted every major professional soccer league around the world, forcing to play the matches behind-closed-door and then halting the seasons worldwide. Only Belarusian Premier League and Nicaragua League are still being played. The Belarusleague isn’t part of World Association of Professional Football Leagues, otherwise known as World Leagues Forum.

Germany’s Bundesliga could return as soon as next week (could start on May 15), while South Korea’s K League is set to resume on Friday. But it’s likely we would not see leagues resume until the outbreak is contained and the conditions are considered safe in that respective country. As football returns, it would be with with caution and all the stakeholders have to follow Government health advisory.

Here’s he status of some of the biggest leagues and competitions (please note, many leagues are considering restart and some of the decisions are expected in next few days).

Notable European Competitions

UEFA European Championship Officially suspended until June 2021.
UEFA Champions League Suspended. No decision has yet been made on rearranged dates. There’s a chance the tournament is completed in August. 
UEFA Europa League Suspended. No decision has yet been made on rearranged dates. Most probably the tournament will be played in a block in August. 
England Premier League Suspended. There are continued meetings to try and come up with a plan to finish the season during the summer with a potential return in June. 
England FA Cup Suspended. There are continued meetings to try and come up with a plan to finish the season during the summer. 
France Ligue 1 Season canceled.
France Coupe de France final Suspended indefinitely, with the aim being to have the final between PSG and Saint-Etienne when sports return in France.
France Coupe de la Ligue final Suspended indefinitely, with the aim being to have the final between PSG and Lyon when sports return in France.
Germany Bundesliga Suspended with an announcement on returning to play expected Wednesday.
Germany DFB-Pokal Suspended until German leagues return.
Italy Serie A Suspended indefinitely. The Italian FA is aiming to have training in early May and matches later in the month.
Italy Coppa Italia Suspended indefinitely. The tournament could return before Serie A resumes.
Spain La Liga Suspended indefinitely. Training is resuming in early May with the league targeting games in mid-June.
Spain Copa del Rey final Suspended indefinitely. Once La Liga returns, they’ll find a date for the final. 

Rest of European leagues

Austria Suspended, though training has resumed. 
Azerbaijan Suspended
Belgium The league’s board of directors voted to cancel the season early, though it hasn’t been finalized.  
CroatiaSuspended indefinitely. Training has resumed. 
Denmark Suspended indefinitely.  
Finland Suspended until at least May 31.  
Greece Suspended indefinitely. 
Israel Suspended indefinitely.  
Kazakhstan  Suspended indefinitely.  
Latvia Start of the season has been postponed indefinitely.
Lithuania Suspended indefinitely.
Netherlands Season canceled.
Northern Ireland Suspended until at least April 30. 
Norway Start of the season has been postponed indefinitely. Decision expected on May 7.
Poland Restarting on May 29. 
Portugal Planning on restarting on May 30. Teams begain training this week.  
Romania Suspendedd indefinitely.. 
Russia Suspended indefinitely.
Scotland Suspended indefinitely.
Serbia Training has resumed, and the league is aiming to return in late May or early June.  
Slovakia Suspended indefinitely.  
Sweden Start of season Suspended until June as teams are now training.
Switzerland Planning to restart on June 8. Training resuming on May 11.
Turkey Suspended indefinitely.
Ukraine Suspended indefinitely. 

North American competitions (USA/Canada/Mexico)

U.S./Canada Major League Soccer Suspended until at least June 8.
U.S. U.S. Open Cup Suspended indefinitely. 
U.S. National Women’s Soccer League Start of the season Suspended indefinitely. 
U.S./Canada/Mexico Leagues Cup Scheduled for July 21-September 16.
U.S./Mexico Campeones Cup Scheduled for Aug. 12.
Mexico Liga MX Suspended indefinitely with the league eying a June or July return.
CONCACAF Champions League Suspended indefinitely. 

Rest of North American Leagues

Domestic leagues in Costa Rica, Honduras and Panama are suspended indefinitely.

Notable South American competitions

CONMEBOL Copa America Suspended until June 2021.
CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores Suspended until at least early May. 
CONMEBOL Copa Sudamericana Suspended until at least early May.
Argentina Superliga Argentina Suspended indefinitely..
Argentina Copa de la Superliga Suspended indefinitely.
Argentina Copa Argentina Suspended indefinitely.
Brazil Campeonato Brasileiro (Serie A) Scheduled to begin in May with players looking for health assurances from leaders. 
Brazil Copa do Brasil Suspended indefinitely. 

Rest of South American leagues

Domestic leagues of Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela were suspended indefinitely.