Mesut Ozil wades into the war of words between Aubameyang and Kroos


Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozil has chosen to back his teammate Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang after the striker was on the receiving end of an outburst from German international Toni Kroos.

 Toni Kroos explained that he is not a fan of players who tend to over celebrate after scoring goals. The Real Madrid midfielder also name-checked the Arsenal striker who has celebrated by wearing superhero masks after scoring goals in the past.

“I find it very silly,” he told his Einfach mal Luppen podcast. “Even worse is if there are any objects hidden in their socks. Aubameyang once celebrated and took out a mask. That’s where it ends with me.

“I don’t think that’s a good role model, either. What nonsense.”

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang took to Twitter to explain that he does these celebrations for his kids and he will continue to do so.

The Arsenal striker also tweeted out a picture of him and Marco Reus wearing Batman and Robin masks during a game and then he congratulated Kroos for having three children.

Mesut Ozil tweeted in support of his Arsenal teammate and his post read:

It is hardly surprising that Ozil chose to back his Arsenal teammate ahead of Toni Kroos. The Arsenal midfielder clearly did not share a great bond with the Real Madrid star during their time together at the German national team.

A few years ago when Ozil complained of racism within the national team set up and Toni Kroos was one of the players who rubbished his claims.

Clearly the two players are not on good terms.