Capello slams lacklustre Juventus, Pirlo doesn’t want to quit the managerial job

Legendary Fabio Capello slammed Juventus following their defeat against Milan in Serie A But manager Andrea Pirlo still believes Juventus can improve and he is not quitting the job.

Andrea Pirlo-Juventus

Fabio Capello slams Juventus

Legendary Italian manager Fabio Capello has slammed Juventus following their disappointing defeat against Milan in Serie A on Sunday.

Rossoneri added woes to Juve’s troubled season by winning the game 3-0. Throughout the game, the Old Lady lacked character as they had done often this season.

Capello said: “Juventus were embarrassing. They didn’t exist in the first half. They had no ideas, just like in Udine last week.

 “Milan did their part, but without doing complicated things. They lacked aggressivity.

“They both missed too many passes in the first half. I saw so many that I asked myself if they are good enough to play in the Super League.”

Andrea Pirlo not thinking of resignation

Andrea Pirlo has been thrown under the bus due to what looks like a whirlwind debut season, which could see the Old Lady miss out on Champions League next season.

However, despite the excessive pressure caused by the Milan defeat, Pirlo still believes he can improve and shrugged off the idea of quitting his job.

Pirlo said: “Resign? No, I won’t step aside. I took this role with a great deal of enthusiasm amid certain difficulties. I am at the disposal of the club, there are still three games to go, so I will continue doing my work as long as I am allowed to.

“I had a different project in my mind and thought I would have a different group at my disposal. I had been working on some concepts, but then I had to make changes in order to suit their characteristics and had to adapt.

“It’s not that this team is resistant to change, but if you have some things in your mind and they become more difficult with certain players. If I cannot get the best out of these players, that is my fault, and I certainly need to do better.

“If something didn’t go right, I take responsibility. This squad is made up of great players; clearly, something did not work.”