CR7 sister questioned Sarri’s strategy, after Sarri’s angry press conference

Juventus vs. Lokomotiv-Critiano Ronaldo was substituted by Paulo Dybala

Juventus crashed to a defeat in the Coppa Italia finals against Napoli this week.

After a goalless draw, the two teams battled it out in the penalty shootout and Napoli won 4-2.

The defeat seems to have hurt the Juventus manager Maurizio Sarri a lot and he has hit out at his best player Cristiano Ronaldo.

Sarri claimed that the Portuguese superstar is lacking in sharpness and he couldn’t do his best against Napoli.

The Italian manager said the same about Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa as well. 

It will be interesting to see how Ronaldo responds to this criticism. He is a proven winner and he has delivered for his teams time and again at the highest level.

He will know that his performance wasn’t up to the mark against Napoli and he will be desperate to make amends. 

Sarri said: “He’s (Ronaldo) in the same shape as the others, like Paulo Dybala and Douglas Costa, he is lacking the sharpness to do what works best for him. I didn’t say much to the players after the game. I was angry and disappointed just like them, so at these moments it’s best to stay silent. We’ll talk better tomorrow morning.”

In response to Sarri’s dig, Cristiano Ronaldo’s sister questioned the way Juventus played against Napoli. 

She hinted that Sarri’s strategy was at fault for the defeat. She then went on to console Cristiano Ronaldo stating that he cannot perform miracles on his own all the time. 

On her Instagram, she wrote: “What more can you do? My love, you can’t do miracles on your own. I can’t understand how you can play like that. Anyway, keep your head up, you can’t do anymore.”