Jose Mourinho on Rashford: He is a man with principles

Mourinho during United vs Spurs match

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho has now heaped praise on the young Manchester United striker Marcus Rashford for his charitable endeavours this summer.

The striker raised millions to feed the needy and his contribution to reinstate the food vouchers for school children has impressed the former Manchester United manager a lot.

Rashford forced the government to reverse their decision about cancelling the food vouchers for the vulnerable and he has earned several plaudits from the world of football because of his actions this summer.

Mourinho revealed that Rashford was a kid when he was in charge of the Red Devils. However, he has now grown into a fine young man with principles. 

He said: “He did amazingly well, I congratulate him on that. It’s a bit strange for me that one football player can make it happen and, if it happens, it’s because the government realises it is the right thing to do. The government shouldn’t wait for one player to come out publicly and put some pressure on them for that to happen. The 18-year-old kid I met a few years ago is now a man, and a man with principles. To fight for kids very similar to him when he was a young kid is something very nice from Marcus.”

Meanwhile, Mourinho has hit out at the FA for Dele Alli’s ban and accused them of double standards. 

Dele Alli has been banned for the game against Manchester United on Friday because of his tweet relating to Coronavirus.

The FA found him guilty of an “aggravated breach” of its rules that includes reference to race, colour or ethnicity.

 “I feel very, very sorry that Dele is not playing,” Mourinho said. “He’s a player that works so, so hard during all this period and he’s really frustrated that he cannot play the first match. I don’t think he deserves a one-match ban compared with wrong behaviours at much bigger dimensions that happened during this period without any consequences. 

“I don’t like these kinds of contradictions. It’s for everybody or it’s for nobody and it’s quite unfair for a kid who made a mistake and apologised for it … I really don’t agree with it.”