Alternative Premier League table without VAR revealed – Arsenal, Chelsea most affected

VAR-Goal Decision-Offside

An alternative Premier League table shows where English clubs would have finished at the end of last season if there was no VAR.

Arsenal and Chelsea are the clubs which had been impacted with the technology assistance the most.

Video Assistant Referee decisions were part of the major topics that were discussed every week in the Premier League last season. There have been instances where critique felt that this has detrimental effect on the game. It sometime slows down the match, but the success of VAR mostly depend upon how few wise men are enforcing the rule on and off the field.

The table has some shockers and shows some teams closer to the top of the table than the reality they experienced.

Premier League Points Table without VAR

PositionPosition ChangeTeamWinLossPointsPoints change
1=Man City27785-1
3-1Man Utd20771-3
8-2West Ham171061-4
10+1Aston Villa161357+2
16-2C Palace111743-1
18.+1West Brom52127+1
20=Sheff Utd62821-2
Premier League Table after 2020-21 season

According to the study, Arsenal would have finished fourth if there was no VAR this season. The Gunners finished in eight-place—four places behind their league finish. They were the worst hit team in the table without VAR and could have finished the season with 65 points against the 61 they accumulated with the technology.

Liverpool, who also had several VAR calls go against them, could have finished in second place if there was no VAR—one spot ahead of Manchester United, who finished in second place in the actual table.

The Red Devils enjoyed the most favourable decisions from Stockley Park. They had eleven changes in their favour and eight against them, giving them three extra points that they would have had without the technology.

Their rivals Liverpool were the least fortunate team in league with VAR, with the Reds seeing 12 VAR decisions go against them and just six going in their favour.

There were 123 decisions in total changed over the course of the season. 42 goals were disallowed, 29 penalties were awarded, and 22 penalty decisions were dismissed. There were also 17 red cards awarded after VAR intervention.