Bundesliga: DFL adjusts new rule for substitution

When can I change? - Three opportunities to change players - in addition to halftime

Bundesliga DFL adjusts new rule for substitution
Bundesliga DFL adjusts new rule for substitution

After the International Football Association Board (IFAB) responsible for the football regulations had given the opportunity to make five changes as part of the corona crisis to relieve the players , this innovation was also implemented by the DFL in Bundesliga. For the five exchange options, each club has a total of three opportunities during a game, including the half-time break. 

Bundesliga – Substitution Rule

After further consultation with IFAB, the modalities were adjusted and fine-tuned on Friday. Each club has a total of three opportunities during a match as well as a half-time break for substitution – instead of three, as originally intended, including the regular break after first 45 minutes.

DFL decided to amend the game rules accordingly to ensure that the game rules were compatible with the FIFA rules, which have been adopted by other top leagues, like Premier League. The new rules will come into effect from May 16, 2020 – when top German league, Bundesliga and 2-Bundesliga resume after a long break after Coronavirus pandemic.

Fourth Opportunity for Substitution

This rule provides an extension to substitution rules. In a match extended to ‘Extra time’, both the teams will have a fourth opportunity to change players. In accordance with the FIFA rules and policies, it was clarified that in a possible extra time, the fourth possibility for player substitution can be used in addition to the break between regular time and extra time and the half-time break of extra time even if the current game is interrupted.