ESL drama is over: German clubs teach others a big lesson

Bayern Munich and Bundesliga clubs resume training

Activities for the new breakaway league has now been suspended after the clubs opted to back out.

European Super League has been suspended after a majority of the founding members opted to withdraw from the competition.

Upon its formation on Monday, there were constant fears on everyone’s face as they believed that the newly proposed league could supersede the current UEFA Champions League format.

The league’s chairman Florentino Perez’s cynical comments indicated at first sight that the league had been formed by not keeping the fans in mind.

However, due to the excessive pressure from the fans, the participating clubs – starting from the Premier League clubs – gradually announced their departures, which saw the newly proposed league come to a dead end.

Nonetheless, the penny has dropped, and the owners of each founding clubs have been put under immense scrutiny, which even led to the quitting of Manchester United’s Chief Executive Ed Woodward.

Many of the former players and experts have taken a swipe at the club’s hierarchy, expecting more events like Woodward’s.

It is where the German clubs stand above the rest—adding to it the French Champions PSG.

It was reported at first that Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund and PSG had passed up the opportunity to join the Super League, which was well-received among the footballing fraternity.

Perhaps, Almost half of the Bundesliga clubs are being run by the fans, unlike the Premier League club’s big six, which are owned by some of the wealthiest businessmen in America.

The absence of shareholders for both Bayern and Dortmund made it difficult for the Super League to lure them. At the same time, the German clubs’ desire to not let their fans down has earned them everyone’s respect.

No surprise that the German clubs didn’t go for this Super League nonsense. Fan-owned. They respect their supporters. But surprise of the day goes to PSG for not committing to it either. Bravo! Didn’t see that coming.
It’s time to look at the ownership-models at the clubs.The German- way of 50+1 where the members are in power is not without weaknesses, but as Churchill said: «that democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time»
OFFICIAL: Borussia Dortmund have just announced that they are NOT joining the Super League. The CEO Hans-Joachim Watzke said they were 'against' the plans and that, as far as he knows, Bayern Munich are still firmly opposed too.