FIFA and UEFA issue warning to the founding members of European Super League

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FIFA president has warned the 12 clubs over the possible consequences. 

FIFA president Gianni Infantino has sent a strong warning to the founding members of the European Super League, insisting that all the 12 clubs would have to live with the consequences.

“There is a lot to throw away for maybe a short-term financial gain for some,” said Infantino.

“Either you are in, or you are out.”

“It is our task to protect the European sports model. If some elect to go their own way, they must live with the consequences of their choices.

“They are responsible for their choice completely. This means you are either in or you are out. You cannot be half in and half out.”

Perhaps, both UEFA and FIFA acted preemptively and showed their disapproval of the new breakaway league even before it was announced on Monday.

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin also stated that the participating clubs and the players would be banned from playing in the World Cup and European competitions.

Ceferin said: “We are all united against this nonsense of a project. Cynical plan, completely against what football should be. We cannot and will not allow that to change.

“Players who will play in the teams that might play in the closed league will be banned from the World Cup and Euros. We urge everyone to stand tall with us as we do everything in our power to ensure this never ends up in fruition.”

However, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez, who will be the president of the European Super League, claimed that UEFA’s threats were futile.

Players excluded from International matches or tournaments? That’s not going to happen. I want to assure every football player out there; they cannot stop you from playing with your National team. Threats from UEFA president? (Smirks) So be it. Real Madrid will not be banned from the Champions League. I guarantee it 100%, and no one can take us out of the Champions League.