Italian Football, set to return by the end of May

Italy Sports Minister: 'We hope to confirm the May 4 date for a return to training as soon as possible'

Italian Football, set to return by the end of May
Italian Football, set to return by the end of May

As government-imposed lockdown rules being lifted after the horrific phase of Coronavirus pandemicItalian football is planning a return with games lined up from end of May, starting with the Coppa Italia semi-finalsFootball was brought to a halt in March following the spread of the coronavirus.

Plans for football’s return in Italy have come to light as football chiefs look to stage the Coppa Italia semi-final by the end of May as the country seems to resume the 2019-20 season.

As reported in Football Italia, officials have lined up May 27 and 28 as dates for the competition’s semi-finals to be played, with Serie A action set to return just days later. 

Football in Italy came to an abrupt halt in early March, with all sport suspended indefinitely in the country due to the spread of the deadly disease. 

22,170 people have already died in Italy as a result of the virus outbreak, Italy remain the most affected country in this current global pandemic. However, with the susiding pattern of the Coronavirus, lockdown restrictions imposed by the government is planned to be eased, offering hope that the football season can resume. 

Italian football authorities have planned to play the semi-finals as the return of football. More people can enjoy the sporting event as the competition is broadcast on free-to-air TV in the country, alongwith Sky and DAZN network. 

The report indicates that clubs may return to training on May 4 with the Italian Football Federation drawing up a protocol that will see players take swab and blood tests once a week. 

Following the conclusion of the semi-finals, Serie A to have games in every three days, meaning that the season would be concluded latest by early August. 

The Federation is in favour of putting the clubs in training camp ‘retreats’ that will see them cordoned off from the outside world so as to lower the risk of infection.   

After Italian season finish by end of July, it would allow the Serie A clubs competing in European competitions in August.