Jurgen Klopp rejected Man United and Real Madrid on his way to Anfield

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It’s safe to say that Jurgen Klopp has made a significant impact on both Liverpool and the Premier League. He arrived at Anfield in 2015 with the Reds hoping for a revival and to fight back to the top end of the league – and it seems there were several interested clubs to sign Klopp as manager.

It has not been all roses for Klopp. He experienced two Champions League final defeat against Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in 2013 and 2018; he finally turned the table this year with Liverpool. Eventually, this was his first trophy after he joined Liverpool. Last season was terrific for both the Liverpool manager and the club, as they amassed 97 points in the Premier League and won the Champions League.

Robbie Fowler Interview

According to Robbie Fowler, when the German left Borussia Dortmund four years ago, he was approached by both Manchester United and Real Madrid at different times before the arrival at Anfield- but rejected them.

“I interviewed with him a couple of years ago, and he told me he turned down a couple of super-rich clubs after Dortmund,” Fowler revealed in his column.

“One of them was Manchester United, the other probably Real Madrid – because he hated how they were focused solely on commercial influences. “He said he liked Liverpool because they had a balance between the money needed to reach the top and the history and identity of the club and their fans.”

Most probably, Klop was approached by Manchester United before the arrival of Louis van Gaal. Reds fans will be delighted to hear that. But the news would probably not go down well with the supporters of both Real Madrid and Manchester United as the position of manager are not secure.

“He gets what Liverpool is about,” said Fowler. “He gets what the people of the city are. Most importantly, he understands what it means to people to have that joy in their life. “I’m not saying he’s not a disciplinarian. That image of him laughing all the time is not true – I’ve seen him deal with players in the past, and he’s as tough as they come. But he has heart, too.
“He does all the tactical stuff, is hugely sophisticated in-game plans, science, analysis, but his man-­management sets him apart.” He also added, “I’ve been in and around that club, and I can see that Klopp is liked by everyone there.”

Had their clubs not pitched a ­commercial interest to Jurgen Klopp, he could well be in the dugout at the Bernabeu or Old Trafford right now.
Instead, though, he’s at Anfield and will likely remain there for many years, given how he’s built a team capable of winning every trophy on offer over the next few seasons. Former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson warned about brighter days in Anfield in 2016, just a year after Klopp assumed his job in Liverpool.

Alex Ferguson Prediction

Liverpool fans might not have predicted just how successful the German was going to be at Anfield, but United great Sir Alex Ferguson certainly talked of his concern. “He has done an excellent job and revived Liverpool’s enthusiasm,”- Ferguson said of Klopp back in 2016.
“You can now well and truly sense that you have to count them in this year. You can see Klopp’s dedication to the sideline, and I’m convinced his work in training is similar.” He’s a strong personality. That’s vital at a big club. He stated, “I’m worried about him because the one thing United don’t want is Liverpool to get above us.”