Champions League rule changes to affect Premier League clubs

Virgil Van Dijk-Liverpool

The Champions League is all set to return later this month and the rule changes will certainly affect the Premier League clubs going forward.

This year, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea are four participants from Premier League, who will be fighting for top European honour.

Substitution Rule

According to reports, the European competition will retain the rule of five substitutions which was introduced in last season’s knockout stages in Lisbon.

Teams were allowed to name 12 substitutes on the bench and introduce five players throughout the game.

This rule will allow clubs to keep their players fresh and bring on more changes to cope with a packed schedule.

Currently Premier League clubs have three substitutions per match and they can have seven on the bench. As, the big clubs have quality players on their bench that can change games and this could tilt the favour to the more wealthy bigger clubs in Premier League.

The option of bringing on five substitutes could be a game changer for the Premier League clubs, as they will be having three substitutes while playing domestic league.


Furthermore the VAR usage will be similar to that of the Premier League. The rule will be available for the group stages of the Champions League and the referees will make a conscious effort to check the pitchside monitors for correct decisions more often than not.

Home/Away Matches at Knockout Stages

Furthermore the knockout round with Champions League last year was played over one leg in a tournament style setting but that was done so that the competition could be completed in time.

There are no expected delays this year due to the Coronavirus shut down and the tournament will revert back to its two legged ties played at the clubs’ home grounds.

Premier League clubs will be hoping to do well in the Champions League this year and these rules would certainly affect their chances of winning the tournament more than teams from other leagues.