FIFA and FIFPRO meet to discuss ‘World Cup every two years’

FIFA confirmed Schedule for Qatar World Cup 2022

Federation Internationale de Football Association, FIFA, are in constant touch with clubs, leagues and every other relevant union to finalize their objective of hosting the men’s World Cup on a biennial basis, as reported by Sky Sports.

An integral part of their plan to revamp the current structure of international football is to update the prevalent scheduling of the World Cup. In a bid to forward their advances, an online conference will be held on 30th September. All 211 footballing federations having affiliations with FIFA are invited to this talk.

Retired players and previous World Cup winners were consulted on this topic, with FIFA sending them to enquire fans of selected countries following a two-day meet in Qatar.

The alterations that the governing body is proposing are being headed by none other than former Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger who now occupies the role of Global Development Director of World Soccer. 

The leading merits of the suggested framework stated by FIFA are that it will allow more players and teams to participate in significant matches while promoting talent and raising money for development purposes.

UEFA and CONMEBOL have both protested against the said alterations, warning to boycott the tournament if necessary. Even FIFPRO, a global organization for active players, has detested the proposal.

According to several reports, a final and official verdict can be announced as early as December of 2021.