How Odds and ‘Chances of winning’ changed from ‘Round of 16’ to Quarter-Finals in FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter-Finals
FIFA World Cup 2022 Quarter-Finals

After Round of 16, the Quarter-Finals fixtures in FIFA World Cup 2022, have been decided. We will try to see how the Odds and Chances of Winning the World Cup changes after Round of 16.

Odds and Chances of winning in FIFA World Cup 2022

Brazil13.2028.381 (Unchanged)2.7532.95 (Increased)
Argentina26.0015.134 (Down)7.0012.94 (Decreased)
France36.5013.972 (Up)5.0018.12 (Increased)
Spain47.0012.97 – – –
England510.009.084 (Up)7.0012.94 (Increased)
Portugal613.006.984 (Up)7.0012.94 (Increased)
Netherlands721.004.326 (Up)21.004.31 (Unchanged)
Croatia834.002.678 (Unchanged)34.002.66 (Unchanged)
Japan967.001.36 – – –
Switzerland1076.001.19 – – –
Morocco11101.000.907 (Up)29.003.12 (Increased)
USA12101.000.90 – – –
Senegal13126.000.72 – – –
South Korea14176.000.52 – – –
Australia15201.000.45 – – –
Poland16201.000.45 – – –


  • Brazil continued to the the favourites to win the World Cup.
  • France have overtaken Argentina, and become the favourites after Brazil.
  • Spain, who were fourth favourites, after Brazil, Argentina and France before Round of 16 started, have lost to Morocco.
  • Argentina, England and Portugal share the 4th spot with 7.00 odds and 12.94% of winning chances.
  • Though Netherlands and Croatia have moved one step closer after winning Round of 16, their chances of winning World Cup 2022, have not changed. The odds remain the same at 21.00 and 34.00 for both the countries respectively.
  • Morocco moved from 11th spot in Round of 16 to 7th spot in Quarter-finals.