Bayern Chief Hoeness slams Toni Kroos, says the Real Madrid midfielder’s style of play is outdated

Bayern Chief Uli Hoeness slams German star Toni Kroos, says the Real Madrid midfielder's style of play is outdated.

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Bayern Munich chief has attacked German midfielder Kroos following Euro 2020 exit.

Bayern Munich‘s ex-president Uli Hoeness has hit out at German midfielder Toni Kroos, claiming that the Real Madrid star’s style of play is outdated.

Die Mannschaft were eliminated from the hands of England in the quarter-finals, and in the aftermath, Kroos announced his retirement from international football.

Now, Hoeness claims that the former Bayern star shouldn’t have been in the European Championship in the first place.

Hoeness said: “I like Kroos a lot, he put in some world-class performances and was great at Bayern, but his style of play is outdated.

It should be said that Kroos doesn’t fit in in the modern game with his horizontal passes.

“The game is now played vertically. Players take the ball and carry it forward with speed.

“And then there’s that awful football against England. We were down 1-0 in the last quarter of an hour, and Kroos stopped going past the halfway line.

“His way of playing is completely finished. He played sideways, played sideways again, and then the opponent’s defence were able to get organised.”

Hoeness also added that Joachim Low’s side were terrible while singling out Kroos’ inclusion as the biggest mistake.

“The first two games were pretty decent with the four behind. Then in the third game, we started unnecessarily with three. Why? Low wanted to include Kroos. Toni Kroos has no place in today’s football.

“If we had played with a defence of four and with Goretzka, Kimmich and Muller plus Sane, Gnabry and Havertz, we would now be in a different position. Germany played terrible football.”

Kroos comes up with a fitting reply

Kroos has come up with a cheeky reply, clapping back at Hoeness’ comments:

The Los Blancos star wrote on his Twitter: “Uli Hoeness is a man with great football knowledge (although not enough for RTL), with little interest in controversy and completely at peace with himself. Similar to his groundsman.”