Hertha Berlin’s Salomon Kalou suspended with immediate effect

Hertha Berlin's Salomon Kalou suspended with immediate effect
Hertha Berlin's Salomon Kalou suspended with immediate effect

Hertha BSC has suspended Salomon Kalou from training and game operations with immediate effect after the Ivorian striker posted the “Facebook Live” in the afternoon.

The 34-year-old athletics trainer Henrik Kuchno and some teammates clap or shake hands with them – and on the other burst in the middle of the corona test of his team-mate Jordan Torunarigha, who was also filmed live.

With the video from the cabin, Salomon Kalou violated the team’s basic rules and showed behavior that is neither appropriate to the situation nor compliant with the club’s rules of conduct,

Hertha emphasises that this was the failure of a single player. The fact that other team members did not notify him of the failure and instead replied the greeting by handshake shows that the regular references to the distance and Hygiene rules must be even more intensive.

Statement, Hertha BSC

With his video, Salomon Kalou not only caused a great deal of damage to Hertha BSC, but above all in the current social discussion about the resumption of play and the role of professional football, it gives the impression that individual players do not take Corona seriously.

However, I would like to expressly emphasise that we have drawn everyone’s attention to the hygiene and distance rules and ensure that they are strictly observed.

The club deeply regrets especially since it is a well-deserved and experienced player. However, the extent of the misconduct requires consistent action.

Michael Preetz, Hertha BSC Manager

Salomon Kalou has an illustrated career which include Champions League win in 2012 (with Chelsea FC), played 151 Bundesliga games (48 goals) for Hertha since moving to Berlin in late summer 2014. Now he has been excluded from training. The suspension could mean the end of Kalou in Hertha jersey. The contract of the veteran, who made only five appearances this season, expires on June 30. The chances of further extension was not likely either.

Salomon Kalou has also apologised for the incident.

I am sorry if my behaviour gave the impression that I am not taking Corona seriously. I would like to apologise for that. The opposite is the case, because I am particularly worried about the people in Africa, because the medical care there is nowhere near as good as in Germany. 

I did not really think and was pleased that our tests were all negative. I would also like to apologize to those shown in the video who did not know that I was broadcasting live and who I did not want to put in such a situation.

Salomon Kalou, Hertha BSC Footballer and Ivory Coast International