Hoffenheim owner Hopp – is working on a coronavirus vaccine

Bayern 6-0 Hoffenheim - Bayern crushed host before game interruption

Hoffenheim owner Dietmar Hopp could become one of the most important figures in the fight against coronavirus.

The outbreak is currently devastating European society with many countries on effective lockdown, and as yet no cure is available.

However, according to Der Spiegel, German company CureVAC are currently working on a vaccine against the virus and are close to clinical trials. There are even rumours that United States president Donald Trump wants to buy the rights to the vaccine in order to guarantee any potential benefit for the American citizens first.

“If we want to develop an effective vaccine, this person must not only reach out and protect people, but also have a solidarity with them,” said Hopp of the rumours concerning Trump.

Hopp has rejected all advances and intends to make a vaccine which would be readily available to as many people as possible.

“It was a great decision on part of the company’s management,” said finance minister Peter Altmaier about CureVAC’s intentions. “With their decision to offer a possible vaccine to everyone, they sent a clear statement to everyone about their feelings towards the crisis, Germany is not for sale.”