ESL: Premier League clubs to pay £22m fine; UEFA stop proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona, Juventus

Arsenal-Chelsea-Liverpool-Tottenham Hotspur-Manchester City-Manchester United | Photo Credit: IMAGO

Premier League clubs set to pay a fine of £22 million for their ESL attempts

Premier League clubs ArsenalChelseaLiverpoolManchesterCityManchester United and Tottenham Hotspur, have agreed to pay a combined fine of around £22 million to the Premier League for their attempts to join the European Super League in April.

According to the Premier League and the Football Association, the money will now be invested in support of fans and grassroots football and community programmes.

The statement from the governing body also confirmed that each club would pay a fine of £25 million if they try to join the European Super League in future. All six clubs have also agreed to a 30 point deduction if they decide to sign up for similar plans.

“The six clubs involved in proposals to form a European Super League have today acknowledged once again that their actions were a mistake and have reconfirmed their commitment to the Premier League and the future of the English game,” the statement read.

“They have wholeheartedly apologised to their fans, fellow clubs, the Premier League and The FA.

“As a gesture of goodwill, the clubs have collectively agreed to make a contribution of £22m, which will go towards the good of the game, including new investment in support for fans, grassroots football and community programmes.

“Furthermore, the clubs have agreed to support rule changes so that any similar actions in the future would lead to a 30-point deduction.

“Each of the six clubs, in that event, would also be subject to an additional £25m fine.

“The Premier League and The FA have worked closely together throughout this process, and this agreement brings both investigations into the matter to a conclusion.”

UEFA suspend proceedings against Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus

Meanwhile, UEFA have now temporarily suspended their proceedings against Real MadridBarcelona and Juventus for their role in creating the European Super League plan.

All three clubs were threatened with bans from the Champions League, but an injunction has been taken out by a Madrid court, which will allow all three clubs to compete in the Champions League next season.

UEFA have confirmed that they will continue to defend their position and will take necessary steps to resume the disciplinary proceedings as soon as possible.

The three clubs refused to pull out of the European Super League even after the six Premier League clubs decided to do so.

It will be interesting to see how the situation unfolds over the next few months now.

A statement released by UEFA on Wednesday read: “Following the opening of disciplinary proceedings against FC Barcelona, Juventus FC and Real Madrid CF for a potential violation of UEFA’s legal framework in connection with the so-called ‘Super League’ project, the UEFA Appeals Body has decided to stay the proceedings until further notice.

“UEFA understands why the disciplinary proceedings needed to be suspended for the time being but remains confident in and will continue to defend its position in all the relevant jurisdictions.

“UEFA will take all necessary steps in strict accordance with national and EU law in order for the UEFA Appeals Body to be in a position to resume the disciplinary proceedings as soon as possible.”