UEFA to impose 2-year Champions League ban for the European Super League clubs

UEFA to impose two-year Champions League ban for the clubs supporting European Super League. English clubs could receive lesser punishment.


UEFA looks determined to take action on the clubs that are still supporting ESL.

The European Super League looks like a distant memory, but UEFA is considering severe actions for the clubs who are still clinging on to it.

According to a new report, UEFA is ready to impose a two-year Champions League ban for the clubs which are still offering their support to the Super League.

The controversial breakaway league, consisting of 12 founding members, sent shockwaves across the footballing world when it was announced on 18th April 2022.

However, due to strong opposition from the fans, most of the involved clubs had nothing to do but withdraw from the league. In the end, the Super League fell apart even before it took shape.

The Premier League’s big six were the first to back out of the competition, with the likes of Atletico Madrid and Inter Milan following them later.

La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid are understood to be still clinging on to the Super League, with the latter’s president Florentino Perez turning out to be the chairman of the competition.

The report also adds that UEFA is pressuring all the clubs to stop offering their support to the breakaway league as Europe’s Governing Body believes that the ESL cannot take shape if nine of the twelve founding members opts out.

UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin had previously stated that there would be lesser sanctions for the English clubs as they were the first to withdraw from the competition.

Ceferin said: “But for me, it’s a clear difference between the English clubs and the other six. They pulled out first; they admitted they made a mistake. You have to have some greatness to say: I was wrong.

For me, there are three groups of this 12 — the English Six, who went out first, then the other three [Atletico Madrid, AC Milan, Inter] after them and then the ones who feel that Earth is flat and they think the Super League still exists. 

And there is a big difference between those. But everyone will be held responsible. In what way, we will see.”