Sergio Aguero highlights Barcelona’s worrying training approach

Sergio Aguero-Barcelona
Sergio Aguero-Barcelona | Photo Credit: IMAGO

Sergio Aguero’s dream move to Barcelona has certainly not gone according to plan so far.

The striker joined the La Liga club in the hope of playing alongside Lionel Messi at Camp Nou, but the Argentine superstar ended up joining Paris Saint Germain on a free transfer.

After that, Barcelona struggled to register him as their player due to a financial crisis. The striker has been surprised by the training differences between the Spanish club and Manchester City.

The striker recently suffered a tendon injury during pre-season, and he is set to be sidelined for 10 weeks.

During his recovery, Aguero was shocked to find a more laidback training regime at the Spanish club compared to the Premier League champions.

Apparently, Aguero arrived an hour and a half before training at Manchester City, but at Barcelona, the players usually arrive only half an hour before training.

Furthermore, when the Argentine striker decided to come early for some gym work, he found out that the training centre was closed.

“At [Manchester] City, we arrived an hour and a half before training and here half an hour before,” said Aguero, per “I said, well, I’ll come in at least an hour before and try and go to the gym or do some things, but nobody was there; it was all shut, dammit.”

The approach towards training between the two clubs shows exactly why Manchester City are far more successful than Barcelona in recent seasons.

A club of Barcelona’s stature should be a lot more professional and dedicated in their approach.

Their lack of preparation has been evident in the Spanish League and the Champions League over the last few seasons, and it remains to be seen whether Barcelona can turn things around and get back to where they belong.