Valencia 0-1 Atletico: Diego Simeone’s side grind out a win over Valencia

Atletico Madrid

Diego Simeone’s side grind out a win over Valencia in a close encounter. 

Atletico Madrid picked up a 1-0 win over Valencia in the La Liga earlier tonight, and Diego Simeone will be impressed with his team’s performance in a tough away game.

Lato scored an own goal on the 79th minute, and the home side will be thoroughly disappointed to have crashed to defeat here.

Atletico Madrid will be hoping to win the Spanish League title this season, and they will have to improve a lot to fend off the challenge from the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The Spanish Giants have struggled to create too many chances in the recent weeks, and they will have to find a way to improve on the attacking front.

Despite having the likes of Luis Suarez and Joao Felix at their disposal, Atletico Madrid have lacked the craft and imagination needed to breakdown deep defences.

As for Valencia, they have done well this season despite getting rid of several key players, and they will be hoping to bounce back strongly in their next game.

The win tonight leaves Atletico Madrid second in the table with 19 points, and Valencia are now 10th in the table with 17 points.

The likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid are going through a turmoil right now, and this is the best chance for Atletico Madrid to stamp their authority in the Spanish League.

Diego Simeone has the players to go all the way in the competition, and it will be interesting to see how his team performs in the coming weeks.

Atletico Madrid are very impressive at the back, but they need to improve their attacking play in order to go all the way this season.