Maguire-Azpilicueta incident could drive changes to VAR next season

VAR failed on penalty decisions in all 3 matches

When Manchester United took on Chelsea in the Premier League last October, Harry Maguire was involved in a controversial clash with CesarAzpilicueta.

The Manchester United defender was seen using a choke-hold on the Spaniard but he managed to escape punishment despite having his arms around the Chelsea defenders neck inside the penalty area.

According to reports, officials are using the clip of the incident to convince the Premier League Chiefs that they need to improve VAR next season.

The video-assisted refereeing has brought major controversy to the Premier League this season with several clubs disappointed with how the technology has been implemented.

There have been calls for radical changes to the way VAR is used and it will be interesting to see what changes are implemented before the start of the next season.

The handball rule, offside calculations and red cards are some of the major issues that have highlighted the incompetence of VAR officials. It is important that the Premier League brings in officials who are capable of utilizing VAR properly. 

Recently, the Premier League wrote to clubs requesting feedback from the managers, directors and captains regarding the changes they would like to see in the VAR next season.

It will be interesting to see if the Premier League can sort out the problems before the start of the next season.

Several teams have been let down in vital moments because of poor calls from the officials monitoring the VAR and things must improve considerably next year.