Premier League disappointed with the project big-six, EFL chief Rick Parry

Championship playoffs for Premier League qualification

The Premier League have responded to Manchester and Liverpool’s proposal to change the league structure, calling it as damaging.

The two clubs, with Tottenham, Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City expecting to offer their support, have been working for the last three years on proposals to change the structure of the league.

Being named as “Project big-six”, it would be the biggest revamp in around three decades.

It has been revealed the objective of the project is to part maximum power to the hands of a small number of clubs – the big six clubs – which could destroy the one club one vote rule.

However, Premier League have said the proposals are damaging in a statement and expressed the disappointment on EFL chief Rick Parry.

The statement from the Premier League read, “We have seen media reports today regarding a plan to restructure football in this country.”

“English football is the world’s most-watched, and has a vibrant, dynamic and competitive league structure that drives interest around the globe.”

“To maintain this position, it is important that we all work together.

“Both the Premier League and The FA support a wide-ranging discussion on the future of the game, including its competition structures, calendar and overall financing particularly in light of the effects of COVID-19.”

“Football has many stakeholders, therefore this work should be carried out through the proper channels enabling all clubs and stakeholders the opportunity to contribute.

“In the Premier League’s view, a number of the individual proposals in the plan published today could have a damaging impact on the whole game and we are disappointed to see that Rick Parry, Chair of the EFL, has given his on-the-record support.

“The Premier League has been working in good faith with its clubs and the EFL to seek a resolution to the requirement for COVID-19 rescue funding. This work will continue.”