Messi told by referee to show some respect in UCL encounter against Liverpool

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New footage reveals that Messi was asked by the referee to show some respect during the 2018/19 UCL encounter with Liverpool.

Liverpool did an impossible thing when they produced a comeback win against Barcelona in the 18/19 Champions League semifinals and went on to win the title in the end.

Although Liverpool won the second leg, the first leg belonged to Barca as Lionel Messi displayed a masterclass, scoring a brace including a spectacular free-kick goal.

It was also during the first-leg when the referee Bjorn Kuipers demanded Messi to show some respect after he was caught wasting time.

In a new four-part series called Man in the Middle, which focuses on the referees, The Dutch referee was spotted yelling at Blaugrana skipper for wasting time.

“Messi, come on, show some respect, “

Every time you do it!”

Barca failed to capitalise on the 3- 0 lead as they succumbed to 4-0 defeat by Liverpool in the return leg at Anfield.

Even the Argentine skipper admitted that defeat was insufferable and also hard to get over with.

“[The Liverpool game] was a really hard blow that we received; for me and the rest of the players.”

“It was hard to get back up. It was a really hard blow – We played a terrible game.

“It can happen one year but to happen two years in a row…. to have the chance to be in a Champions League final – that cannot be allowed.”

Barca’s Champions League woes continued the following season as well as they suffered a humiliating 8-2 defeat against Bayern Munich in quarterfinals.