Clubs looking to use AI to deal with the injury crisis in football this season

Virgil Van Dijk-Liverpool

Clubs across Europe are struggling with plenty of injuries this season and it seems that the hectic schedule has finally taken its toll.

According to reports, several top clubs across Europe are now looking to use artificial intelligence to predict a potential injury.

Apparently more than a dozen clubs have signed up for the injury forecasting tool.

Premier League giants Liverpool have almost 9 key starters sidelined with an injury right now and other clubs are likely to go through a similar crisis in the coming months.

The chief executive of the AI platform called Zone7 claims that the risk of a player’s injury increases significantly when he plays over six matches in a 30 day period. 

Recently Liverpool defender Joe Gomez has been sidelined for the majority of the season with a ruptured Patella tendon injury and it seems that the defender played seven matches in the last 30 days.

As per reports, there has been an increase of around 40% in muscle injuries across the English top flight by early November.

Tal Brown (owner of Zone7) explains: “We approached teams post-Covid and said we’d like to help and this led to a bunch of new partnerships – in Italy, with a couple of teams in the UK, in Spain and MLS. 

“This is uncharted waters, with more games than ever and a shorter rest period than ever across the board, so using tools like this is something a lot of teams are considering.”