Potential investors in the Serie A are worried about the launch of the European Super League

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Italy’s sovereign wealth fund along with CVC capital partners and Advent international are all set to invest in the Italian Serie A.

The consortium is expected to acquire 10% of the broadcasting rights (Serie A) but they are currently concerned about the ongoing talks over the potential launch of an European Super League.

Such an event could completely restructure European football and it will be interesting to see if the authorities follow through with their plans of creating a breakaway League in the near future.

The European Super League would see the best clubs from all around Europe compete on a regular basis and they believe such a competition will generate immense revenue.

Also, it would replace the current UEFA Champions League tournament which is a showpiece event in club football.

High profile clubs from England, Spain, Germany, France and Italy will compete against each other in a tournament that will provide regular clashes between the elite players like Messi and Ronaldo.

It was reported a while back that FIFA are keen on the idea of the European Super League but the idea has been opposed by UEFA.

The idea of the European Super League has been around for four decades but so far a concrete decision is yet to be taken.

Arranging funds for such a competition should not be a problem for the top clubs and the Real Madrid chairman Florentino Perez has already sought foreign investment.

According to reports, US-based investment bank JP Morgan are prepared to issue a 5 billion euro debt to be used by the top European clubs to launch the European Super League.

The consortium hoping to acquire the broadcasting rights of Serie A believe that the European Super League could get in the way of development in Italian football and the domestic League would lose its attraction and charm which would then eat into the broadcasting revenue.