Ferdinand and Lineker slam VAR after West Ham game – Is technology the problem?

Rio Ferdinand and Gary Lineker slam VAR after West Ham game, but is it technology which is problem or human interpretation of the event?

David Moyes-West Ham United

Ferdinand and Lineker slam VAR after West Ham game, but the technology is not the problem

The use of video-assisted refereeing in the Premier League has been heavily criticised this season, and yesterday’s round of matches involved another controversial intervention.

West Ham United defender Fabian Balbuena was sent off against Chelsea.

The defender caught Ben Chilwell’s leg on the follow-through after a clearance towards the end of the game. Upon careful consideration, the defender was sent off in a decision that was quite frankly baffling and disappointing. 

The decision attracted a lot of criticism on social media, and the West Ham manager David Moyes was furious as he tore into the match officials after the game.

The Premier League has been riddled with VAR controversies this season, but it is quite evident that technology is not the problem here.

The officials implementing the VAR have been inept, and they will have to be educated or upgraded during the summer break. It is not the VAR that has failed football this season; in fact, it is the people operating the system that have let the clubs and the players down.

It will be interesting to see if the Premier League brings in the necessary reforms ahead of the start of the next season. 

Former Premier League star Rio Ferdinand slammed the decision against West Ham United after the game, and he has urged the Premier League to get rid of the video-assisted refereeing next season.

Popular pundit and presenter Gary Lineker also echoed similar sentiments.

“VAR needs to be put in the bin now,” Ferdinand wrote on Twitter.

“We’ve tried it, and its s***. Get rid. It’s slowing the game down and sucking the emotion out of the game.” 

Lineker quoted Ferdinand’s tweet and wrote: “Agreed. They won’t get rid of it, of course, but they really should. He [Balbuena] kicked the ball and followed through normally, not dangerous, not reckless; in fact, it’s not actually a foul. Have another look in normal speed, not slow-motion replays, and come back to me…actually no need to come back.”