Premier League set to make two changes in VAR next season

Premier League will make two changes in VAR next season. A successful implementation of VAR in Euro 2020, inspired the English league to cautiously use rules and technology.

VAR-Goal Decision-Offside

VAR didn’t cater well to Premier League teams and fans over the last two seasons. It rather created controversies, raising questions if we were better without it.

VAR got introduced in the Premier League two years ago, and it has since been met with mixed criticism from the audience and the clubs due to its maligned nature.

Several top clubs, including Manchester United and Manchester City, were clearly affected by the VAR and its controversial decisions.

However, the scenario was different during the recently concluded European Championship, where the VAR, with help from the added personnel, was received well due to its enhanced quality.

Now, the English top-flight is reportedly set to implement two changes to VAR, which will come into effect from next season.

One of them will be more tolerance regarding the flag calls. Assistant officials have the right to hold down the flag already in case of any goal-scoring opportunity and then give their call regarding off-side. And if the on-screen image doesn’t provide enough evidence, then the on-field decision from the referee will be the final one. 

Another change is that supporters will not be experiencing a lengthy process of off-side calls and reviews, including drawing the lines to see if some part of the body violates the rules.

Euro 2020 handled VAR very efficiently by deploying a top-level referee to review the off-side situations only. But the Premier League may not have many resources for a quick decision like this.

It remains to be seen whether the standard of VAR would improve in the Premier League next season after exceptional refereeing standards in Euro 2020.

The 2021/22 season will commence on 14th August, and Arsenal will play Brentford in the opening game. The defending champions Man City will kickstart their campaign against Nuno Santo’s new-look Tottenham side.