Tottenham finally becoming a reflection of Jose Mourinho’s mentality

Jose Mourinho-Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham defender Eric Dier explained earlier this month that Jose Mourinho’s philosophy and winning mentality has rubbed off on the players.

Dier said back then: “The work with the manager has been great because you know where you stand every game and he wants to win it and the focus is completely on that. That’s his focus, no matter what the competition is. That’s always his focus and our focus.”

There is no doubt that Tottenham have improved immensely since his arrival and it seems that the Portuguese manager is finally on the cusp of instilling a winning mentality in his players.

Tottenham have been the nearly men for several years and they are in desperate need of winning some silverware this season.

It will be interesting to see if Jose Mourinho can guide the London club to a domestic trophy at the very least.

When Jose Mourinho joined Tottenham last season he explained that the club must be a reflection of his mentality and that has certainly been the case so far this season.

“I want the team to be a reflection of what the coach is. When that happens, that’s when you feel: ‘This is really my team.'” he told Sky Sports.

It remains to be seen if Tottenham can continue to improve and cement themselves as one of the title challengers this season.

With the usual big clubs like Liverpool struggling because of injury problems, Tottenham might just have an outside chance of challenging for the Premier League this year.