Setien could soon be axed after fall-out with Barcelona players

Setien could soon be axed after fall-out with Barcelona players
Setien could soon be axed after fall-out with Barcelona players

As Barcelona slipped in the La Liga table after failing to register win against Sevilla and Celta Vigo, the ugly feud inside Barcelona started coming out in the open. A media report suggests that the 61-year-old Barcelona manager had a bust-up with senior players in the dressing room after Celta Vigo-draw.

Quique Setien – Barcelona Manager

After Valverde, Barcelona remain the same team under Quique Setien. As it appears right now – Setien was unable to impose authority over the team, whereas his coaching assistant does not look as somebody the players would like to go to discuss their situation.

It was reported that Setien’s methods on the training ground have further split the coaching staff and the players at Camp Nou. The former Real Betis manager is considered ‘too hands-on’ during sessions and his assistant, Eder Sarabia, is an unpopular figure. He was heard abusing some senior players from the bench after the players made some mistakes during the game. 

Barcelona Problem deepened, as La Liga title slips.

Barcelona board and senior players were loggerheads with choice of the player who would partner Messi and Suarez at the front. On the other hand, they sold a player in the last month of the season as they have to balance the finances. The discontent was already there, but La Liga title slipping away can make things worse.

Setien, who was the fourth choice in the list of candidates Barcelona had drawn up in their chase for Valverde’s successor, had been handed a two-and-a-half-year contract earlier this year.  

Messi ignoring Seiten Assistant

New footage has emerged of Messi appearing to completely blank Sarabia as he was trying to give him tactical advice.

In the social-media clip, Messi approaches the touchline during the cooling break against Celta Vigo, took a bottle of water, with all Barcelona teammates and coaching staff around.

As he takes the water, a masked Sarabia can be seen trying to get Messi’s attention, but Messi chose to walk back onto the pitch and did not respond. The Argentine can also be seen muttering something under his breath as the problems continue to mount for the Nou Camp giants.  

With the manager and veteran defender Pique were among the team member present there.

He then comes back to the touchline to put the bottle back, with Sarabia still trying to talk to him, but Messi continued to ignore the coach before returning to the pitch.