Sinclair: Harry Kane, Jose Mourinho could leave club

Sinclair - Harry Kane, Jose Mourinho could leave club

Trevor Sinclair thinks Harry Kane and Jose Mourinho could leave the club soon.

The Londoners are in a crisis right now, and it will be interesting to see where they finish this season.

Missing out on Champions League football next year will be a damaging blow to the club’s finances as well as their chances of holding onto their star players. 

Sinclair believes Mourinho has taken on a tougher job than he would have expected and he could look for a bail-out.

As for Kane, the England international is one of the best players in the world, and he might not be keen on wasting his peak years at the club that could be stuck in a rut. 

Kane needs to join a club where he can challenge for trophies regularly.

It will be interesting to see if Levy can hold on to his star player and manager in the summer.

Speaking to talk sport, Sinclair said: “A lot of people are starting to talk about Harry Kane and thinking, ‘he must be thinking about where his next move is’. He loves the club, and he wants to be loyal, but we’ve been speaking about it as fans, as commentators, as broadcasters for a while. So don’t even think for one second that Harry Kane and his agent are not speaking about it too. Tottenham, you look at where they were last season, Champions League final and flying, compared to where they are this season – they’re a shadow of their former selves! I’d be very surprised if Harry Kane is not seriously considering leaving that football club. I honestly think the quality is not there.

“I saw the interview with Jose after the game, I think he’s plotting an exit,” added the former West Ham midfielder. Honestly, I think he realises the job he’s got is too big, and it almost vindicates the fact Pochettino walked.”