UEFA prepare to reshape the Champions League with major expansion plans

Jerome Boateng-Bayern Munich

UEFA are planning to reshape European football in the coming years and they have already chalked out proposals regarding The Champions League.

According to reports, UEFA plan to increase the number of group games from 6 to 10 and they’re hoping to start the competition with 36 clubs in the group stages as opposed to 32.

This expansion would result in 225 matches in total which is a massive increase from the current number of matches which stands at 125. UEFA have already approached the 55 members associations and none of them have refuted the idea. 

Such an increase in European fixtures could have a major impact on the TV revenue as far as the domestic competitions are concerned.

It would create a financial imbalance and the rich clubs are likely to get richer leaving behind the poorer clubs who will struggle to compete even more.

Previously there were rumours of a European Super League comprising of the elite teams across the top five leagues in Europe. However, the idea was shelved when FIFA opposed it strongly.

It will be interesting to see if the proposal for the expansion of the Champions League gets approved over the next few months.

The top clubs in European football might be open to the idea given the kind of revenue they could be earning.

However the former FA chairman David Bernstein has warned that such a move could have serious implications on the domestic game.

Furthermore, the new format of the competition would see the elite clubs receive preferential treatment. If a club like Manchester United fails to finish in the top four and drops down to Europa League, they could be allowed to participate in the Champions League anyhow because of their history in the competition.