Flick does not agree with Schweinsteiger’s assessment of Germany’s World Cup exit

Hans Flick-Bayern Munich

Germany coach Hansi Flick has dismissed a statement by former Germany player Bastian Schweinsteiger regarding his side’s performance against Costa Rica, calling it ‘absolute nonsense’.

The former midfielder who won the World Cup with Germany in 2014 had claimed that Flick was not responsible for the national side’s shock group stage exit. The former Bayern and Manchester United man claimed he was disappointed with players and the team who he claimed didn’t do enough.

“Hansi didn’t do that much wrong. The responsibility lies with the players,” Schweinsteiger told German broadcaster ARD via Sportsmail

“I’m really disappointed and shocked at how it went. The appearance of the national team is not enough, that’s not enough.

“We invited the opponent. The fundamental problem is that we often invite the opponent.”

However, Flick has insisted he was in fact to blame for his side’s early exit from the World Cup while claiming that Germany’s failure was not down to any other team.

“I don’t care about other teams because it is all up to us,” he said. 

“If you look at the matches and the number of goals, it is our fault.

“I am convinced we had possibilities and chances in the (last) match against Spain to win, but you have to take those chances and score and then it would have been a different situation for us.

“’There are so many reasons (for Germany’s exit), but I am not looking to find excuses. We did not have a lot of time to train, but it is not down to that. We fulfilled our duty today and went off the pitch with a victory, but the result could have been better.’ 

Flick has only been Germany’s head coach for 18 months, but there are already questions about his suitability for the job. 

But when questioned about his future, the former Bayern Munich coach replied it was too early to think about that.

“Honestly, we have just been eliminated, but if you know me and know my team, you know that we can get up quickly and recover from that. That is very important and very decisive for the future.

“In light of the 2024 European Championship, it is difficult to talk about that right after an elimination. 

“Now we need to assess our work here at the World Cup, head in a different direction, and this is the next step that we are going to undertake and we will do that very soon”