Kylian Mbappe accepts FIFA punishment after ‘refusing’ to ‘waste energy’ on off-field commitment

Kylian Mbappé France

France attacker Kylian Mbappe is refusing to take part in his media duties in Qatar despite punishment by FIFA.

The Paris Saint-Germain star has been one of the standout players in Qatar and is currently the leading scorer in this year’s competition.

However, he has repeatedly refused to speak to the press after each game as he wants to focus on football.  

The 23-year-old rejected Real Madrid last summer to sign a new contract with PSG. However, his relationship with the French side have grown poor in recent months, leading to speculations that he will be nice after the World Cup. 

And so he is keen to avoid questions about his future and instead is focused on winning the World Cup for France.

His position has landed him in hot water with FIFA, who have fined him for refusing to take part in media duties.

According to The Mirror via Football365, Mbappe’s refusal to speak to the press in France’s three group games and his antics when named man of the match against Australia and Denmark has led to fines for Mbappe and the French Football Federation (FFF). However, the player has accepted the sanctions and agreed to cover the whole fine.

He, however, broke his silence on Sunday, while explaining his position.

“I have nothing against journalists, if I didn’t come to talk it’s because I need to fully concentrate on the competition and not waste energy on other things,” Mbappe said following France’s win over Poland.

Speaking about his desire to win the World Cup, Mbappe added: “This World Cup is my obsession, it is the competition of my dreams.

“I have built my entire season around this competition, I have prepared myself to the fullest both physically and mentally to win it, which is the goal I have set for myself, although it is still far away.

“The only goal is to win the World Cup, the rest is secondary.”