Robbie Fowler: Brisbane Roar asked to pay compensation over exit

Robbie Fowler-Brisbane Roar

Former Liverpool player and East Bengal manager Robbie Fowler has won his wrongful termination appeal against Brisbane Roar.

The former Brisbane Roar head coach lost his job after returning to England because of the coronavirus pandemic in March when the A-League was suspended.

Later the Australian club announced his exit by mutual consent in June and Fowler was unhappy with the situation which portrayed him as the villain and as someone who walked away from the club.

The former Liverpool striker launched a wrongful termination appeal with the FIFA players’ status committee in August.

FIFA have now ordered Brisbane roar to pay compensation to the East Bengal manager, which will be equivalent to his salary from the date of termination to the day he signed a contract with the Indian Super League club.

According to Robbie Fowler, his appeal was never about making money, and he wanted to prove his integrity and safeguard his reputation.

The 45-year-old is expected to donate the compensation to a Brisbane based charity.

He said: “It was never about money, it was about getting my reputation intact and letting everyone know the real truth. I never walked away because we were on the cusp of doing really well”.

It will be interesting to see how Robbie Fowler manages to adapt to the Indian Super League. East Bengal are one of the top clubs in the country, and the expectations will be massive. They are already under tremendous pressure after losing the Kolkata derby earlier this month.