Gareth Bale’s move to LAFC – potential reasons behind the move

Former Real Madrid star Gareth Bale recently completed his move to the MLS club Los Angeles football club.

The 32-year-old Welsh winger is all set to join up with his new teammates next month, and he will be looking to kick start his career after a nightmare spell with the Spanish giants.

Here at Anytime football, we look at three potential reasons why the former Real Madrid star has chosen to move to America at this stage of his career.

Gareth Bale barely played under Carlo Ancelotti last season, and he is severely lacking in match fitness.

Meanwhile, Wales have made it to the World Cup after 64 years, and Bale will be desperate to make his mark on the biggest stage.

For that to happen, the Welshman must play regularly and regain his match fitness before the tournament.

A move to the MLS will allow him to play more often and regain his sharpness before the World Cup.

Meanwhile, the player’s agent has confirmed that Bale’s move is not motivated by money, and it is estimated that he is on reasonable wages at the MLS club.

However, one must remember that the Welshman could earn millions through commercial endorsements in America,, which could have been a tempting factor for the former Real Madrid player.

The commercialization of football in America is completely different to that in Europe, and Gareth Bale will also be looking to take advantage of the opportunities in a financial sense.

Finally, there have been several reports over the last few months that Bale has fallen out of love with football at Real Madrid because of the constant criticism from the fan base.

The Spanish media have been extremely harsh on the former Premier League star as well.

A move to America allows him to move out of the limelight and rejuvenate himself.

The pressure in American football is far less compared to that of Europe, and Bale will be able to relax and enjoy his football once again.

The sport has more of an entertainment value in America, and Bale is unlikely to face the pressure to perform at an exceptional level regularly from the Los Angeles fans.