Arsenal 2-0 Man City: Gunners in FA Cup Final

Arsenal 2-0 Man City Gunners in FA Cup Final
Arsenal 2-0 Man City Gunners in FA Cup Final

Arsenal picked up an impressive 2-0 win over Manchester City in the Fa Cup earlier. 

Star striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored both goals for the Gunners to send them to the finals of the FA Cup. 

He scored in either half to pile some misery on City. They were favourites heading in to the game and the fans will be thoroughly disappointed. 

Arsenal managed to beat Liverpool in their last game and they have now beaten City as well. These wins will give Arteta’s side a massive confidence boost. 

It is evident that Arsenal can compete at the highest level with a bit more strengthening. 

City will be devastated with the defeat today. Guardiola’s side have already conceded the title to Liverpool and they would have liked to have won the other domestic trophies on offer. They have already won the league cup. 

It will be interesting to see if City can bounce back from this strongly against Real Madrid now. They will face Los Blancos in the Champions League soon. 

Meanwhile,  Arsenal will now hope to finish the season strongly and build some confidence for the next season.

They will also look to go all the way in the FA Cup now. It could be their best chance of European qualification. 

Any doubts about David’s reaction is unearned in terms of after that game [Man City away] and he didn’t have to do that because we all make mistakes. But the way he’s been training and helping each other has been phenomenal and I’m delighted people can now see this side of him as well and I praise him because he deserves that.

Mikel Arteta, Manager Arsenal on David Luiz performance

Yes but David doesn’t need a lot of management. What he needs is that we trust him and we don’t doubt what he can do. The best way to do that is to make him play and he can take that. He’s done it through his career. He’s had some difficult moments and then he’s had some incredible moments but big athletes go through those moments and I’m happy that he’s at the level he’s at now.

Mikel Arteta, Manager Arsenal on how he motivated David Luiz for this match