Font: Barcelona at risk of becoming Man United or Milan

Barcelona 2-0 Leganes Fati and Messi scored for Barca

Barcelona missed out on the La Liga title to Real Madrid earlier this week.

The Camp Nou giants have had a season to forget and they have been quite mediocre since the start. 

The Spanish giants have been equally poor in Europe in the last few seasons and their capitulation against Roma and Liverpool in the recent years will haunt them for a long time. 

Barcelona presidential candidate Victor Font has now claimed that the club could turn into a fallen giant like AC Milan or Manchester United unless they manage to arrest the decline soon.

Barcelona have a huge challenge in front of them. They will have to replace several key stars who are now past their peak and they need to renovate the stadium as well.

Furthermore, the finances have been hurt by the current health crisis.

It will be interesting to see if Barcelona can build themselves back into giants of European football once again.

Lionel Messi seemed quite frustrated with the poor domestic season earlier in the week. He accused the players of having weak mentality.

Now Font has claimed: “Competition over the last decade has become more and more professional. You see in the Premier League with clubs well managed and even states owning clubs to put in a lot of money at a time where the finance of the club and economic model is stretched to the limit. Unless we do what we are trying, Barca has the risk of becoming a new AC Milan or a Manchester United.”