Former referee Gallagher reveals the reason for Chelsea not getting a penalty against Man United

Harry Maguire-Manchester United

The former Premier League referee has offered his thoughts on Harry Maguire’ supposed foul on Azpilicueta

Former Premier League referee Dermot Gallagher has revealed the reasons behind Chelsea weren’t awarded a penalty after what looked like a cynical foul on Cesar Azpilicueta from Harry Maguire.

Chelsea and Manchester United locked horns in Saturday’s Premier League fixture and there happened a tussle in the first half when Harry Maguire was seen wrapping his arms around Azpilicueta to deny the goal-scoring threat from the corner kick.

While it almost looked like a rough challenge, the on-field referee didn’t award a penalty; so did VAR on their turn.

Gallagher, whose career lasted for around 15 years, has offered his thoughts on the decision.

“I think it’s solely because the ball is in play and he cleared it too quickly. I think he looked at it, cleared it very quickly and didn’t scrutinise it.

“I think when you look at it in depth, as we have, there’s no doubt whatsoever if Martin Atkinson is sent to the monitor, I think he’d make a different decision.

“What I would say, even if he sticks with the on-field decision, it would be readily accepted more.”

Gallagher added, “This one because it was looked at in play, it’s almost as if you’ve got to make a decision instantly. He’s under no pressure but when the ball is in play I feel VAR feel they’ve got to make a decision a little bit quicker.

Both the teams would share a point later after the game ended in a goalless stalemate.