Jeremie Aliadiere tells Matteo Guendouzi to ‘grow up’

Jeremie Aliadiere tells Matteo Guendouzi to-grow up

Former Arsenal player Jeremie Aliadiere has warned Matteo Guendouzi about his behaviour off the pitch.

The midfielder had a training ground bust up with Mikel Arteta during Arsenal’s winter training camp earlier in the season and he hasn’t played a lot since then.

Aliadiere believes that the youngster will struggle to find his way back into the starting lineup unless he changes his attitude. 

“Listen, I’m a big fan of the guy,” Aliadiere told Goal. “He’s like my little brother and I always told him that Arsenal would be a very good team for his development as a player and as a human being.

“He took my advice and came to the club, but I just feel Matteo hasn’t grown up as a human being yet. He’s grown up as a player, he’s matured massively as a player and every year he gets better.

“But unfortunately as a man, he hasn’t grown and matured as much as I thought he would by joining Arsenal. 

“I think that’s what he’s missing and that’s why he’s not playing as much under Mikel [Arteta] because Mikel is not really up for that.

“He wants players who are going to do a job for the team and do what they ask him to do. If they are not happy to do that, then he will have someone else do it for him.”

Guendouzi has shown that he is a top class talent but if he cannot earn the trust and respect of his manager, his career at Arsenal might be over already.

It will be interesting to see how the midfielder wins his place back in the lineup once football resumes. 

Mikel Arteta will not want an indisciplined player affecting the morale of the dressing room. 

Guendouzi has a lot of potential but he will have work on his attitude if he wants to succeed at a top club. 

Several talented youngsters like him have wasted away because of attitude problems. 

Ravel Morrison remains an example. The midfielder was regarded as one of the best talents to have come out of the Manchester United academy.