Klopp: Liverpool unlikely to have very busy transfer window

Klopp Liverpool unlikely to have very busy transfer window

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has admitted that the Reds are unlikely to be very busy in the transfer window this summer.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had a major financial impact on the finances of every club and Liverpool are still waiting to find out the true extent of the damage.

Clubs have lost massive revenues due to the lockdown and they will have to be frugal in the transfer market this summer. 

Matches are being played behind closed doors and the matchday revenue is lost because of that. Furthermore, lucrative pre-season deals have been cancelled. 

It will be interesting to see if Liverpool sign any players this summer.

The Reds won their first title in three decades this season and they need to strengthen their squad in order to retain their crown next year. The likes of Chelsea and Manchester City are likely to challenge again next year and Chelsea have already spent close to £90m on Ziyech and Werner. 

Liverpool cannot afford to be left behind in the race and they must bring in a couple of key additions at least. 

Klopp said: “It is about how influential the coronavirus crisis would be on all financial parts of life. It’s not only football, we all will pay a bill in the end. Nobody knows exactly how big the bill will be. Hopefully it is over soon but we should not start taking for granted it all will be fine. We cannot spend millions and millions and millions because we want to or we think it is nice to do. We never wanted that. [The reality is] COVID has influenced both sides with ins and outs. It’s not likely that it will be the most busy summer in the world.”