Tottenham News: Spurs ready to triple Rodgers wages, Simon Jordan slams Levy for the cup final debacle

Tottenham Hotspur are ready to triple Leicester wages of Rodgers. Simon Jordan slams Daniel Levy for debacle in the Carabao cup final against Manchester City.

Jose Mourinho-Tottenham Hotspur

Spurs ready to triple Rodgers’ wages 

Tottenham Hotspur are interested in appointing Brendan Rodgers as their new manager.

According to reports, former Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri and Rangers manager Steven Gerrard are on the shortlist as well.

However, Rodgers remains the preferred target, and the London club are willing to offer him a lot of money in order to lure him away from Leicester City.

According to reports, Spurs could triple Rodgers’s wages at Leicester. A move to the London club would see him earn in excess of £15 million per season.

However, Leicester City are not keen on losing him just yet, and they are prepared to match Tottenham’s offer in order to convince the manager to stay.

Rodgers has done an impressive job at Leicester City so far, and the Foxes are currently third in the Premier League table.

It will be interesting to see if Spurs can lure him away from King Power Stadium and appoint him as their new manager in the summer.

Jordan slams Levy for Mourinho sacking

Former Crystal Palace owner and pundit Simon Jordan has claimed that Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy sacrificed Jose Mourinho in order to save some money.

The Portuguese manager was sacked just a few days before the Carabao Cup final. Jordan adds that the League Cup final was sacrificed As a result of Mourinho’s departure.

There is no doubt that the Portuguese manager could have done a better job than Ryan Mason against Manchester City, and the timing of his sacking remains quite surprising.

Levy should have waited for another week before pulling the trigger, and he should have given his side the best opportunity to challenge Manchester City and win a trophy this season.

Jordan said: “You have to distil Daniel Levy down into his finest format. What is Daniel? He’s an accountant. He’s not an entrepreneur; he’s an accountant.

“He works for Joe Lewis, who I think would sell Tottenham if he got the right money for it with a device in hand that the club is losing money.

“The one thing Levy is motivated by is the club achieving money. When we had a challenge last year about the club furloughing people, what was that about? Money.

“Why did the club go into the European Super League? Money.

“When are they at their happiest? When they are making £130million. Why did they build a new stadium? Money. Why did they get the NFL involved? Money.

“Why would you take Mourinho out on the eve of a final that you brought him in to achieve? I think it’s because they didn’t want him anymore.

“They’d made their decision that it had gone that way, and all they were doing was treading water.

“A League Cup final was sacrificed. I don’t think they would have beaten Man City with Mourinho there, but they had more of a chance with Mourinho than they ever had, with due respect, than Ryan Mason and Chris Powell.

“I don’t think it tells us anything we don’t already know. He (Guardiola) gets to finals, takes them seriously, and Man City are the best team in the Premier League.

“Tottenham are a mile off. The change in management, if there was any notion Ryan Mason was going to be the cure for it, goes to the birds.

“Ryan has come in to do a very difficult job. Spurs in that game would never have ceded that amount of control to Man City in the first 30 minutes.”