Pep Guardiola fears injuries could be a serious problem in Premier League

Pep Guardiola fears injuries could be a serious problem in Premier League

The Premier League resumes later today and games will be coming thick and fast for all the teams. 

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has now shared his injury fears before his side’s clash with Arsenal today.

The Spaniard believes that the players will struggle to cope with the intensity due to the lack of match fitness. He also claimed that players might struggle with their recovery as well.

There will be several games in a short space of time and the players will have very little time to recover. Faitgue could cause a lot of injuries for the Premier League teams. 

It will be interesting to see how City and the other Premier League teams cope with his issue now. 

Premier League clubs will be allowed to make five substituitions in the game so that they can keep their first team stars fresh for the remaining games. 

Despite that, Guardiola is worried about injuries to his key players. 

He said to the media: “What we have (with five substitutes) is protection for the players that get injured,” he said. “Avoid when you are in the limits as much as possible. But even with that there will be a lot of injuries, that is my feeling.”

“The problem is not to play one game, the first one, even the second one,” he said. “With the lack of recovery, you then have to play another game with a lack of physical training or condition.

“We have to adapt so there is not another issue. Prepare a little bit and be lucky that our staff, myself as a head coach, try and take the right decisions about the players who believe they can play more minutes than the other one.”