Controversial handball rule sparks furore from Premier League managers and pundits

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The current handball rule in the Premier League has caused a lot of controversy so far and it will be interesting to see if the FA decide to make any improvisations in future.

Currently the rule states that a penalty will be awarded should the ball hit the lower arm of a player in his own box regardless of intent.

Such a rule has led to several penalty incidents in the opening weeks of the Premier League and teams have been left disappointed with certain decisions so far.

Newcastle were awarded an injury time penalty against Tottenham last week after Andy Carroll’s header hit Eric Dier’s hand. It was clear that the Tottenham player had no intent of handling the ball but the change in rule meant that Newcastle were awarded a game changing decision.

Tottenham manager Jose Mourinho was furious after the game and Newcastle manager Steve Bruce also sympathised with him.

The Newcastle manager revealed that he would have been devastated if Newcastle were on the receiving end of such a decision.

Popular pundits like Jamie Carragher and Gary Lineker have also questioned the handball rule and many believe that it has affected the game adversely.

Last year, the intent of the player was crucial to any decision but that left the rule and the penalties awarded, open to interpretation.

The handball rule has always had its ups and downs in football and it will be interesting to see how the Premier League gets past this.