Premier League clubs voted against five substitutes in 2020/21 season

Premier League clubs have voted against the use of five substitutes in the 2020/21 season, as it hands unfair advantage to the big clubs.

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Premier League clubs have voted against the use of five substitutes in the league games for the 2020/21 season.

Clubs were allowed to bring on five new players in a game since the restart but the clubs feel that it hands unfair advantage to the big clubs because of their big squads and therefore the rule will be scrapped in the upcoming season.

The FA allowed it to happen this season so that the clubs can keep their teams fresh after the restart. Players had to resume playing without proper training and pre-season. Their fitness levels were not up to the mark and therefore they were allowed to make more than three changes so that the teams can avoid injuries.

FIFA on the other hand have allowed the five-substitute rule until August 2021, meaning the European Championships and Copa America can adopt it next summer. 

Meanwhile, Premier League clubs can name a maximum of seven substitutes on the bench from the next season. 

The decision seems fair and logical. The clubs are used to operating with three changes in a game and therefore the scrapping of the five substitutes rule shouldn’t make any difference to them.

They will have proper training and pre-season before the 2020/21 season starts and the players will be physically equipped to deal with the intensity of the Premier League this time. 

Had the rule not been scrapped, it would have been difficult for the weaker teams to match up to the Premier League elite. Clubs like City can change games at will if they are allowed to bring on five new players during games. 

They have incredible quality and depth at their disposal and it would have hurt the competitive nature of the league.