Robert Lewandowski – smashing all goal scoring records

Robert Lewandowski - smashing all goal scoring records

Robert Lewandowski, one of the most underrated striker in world football, currently leading Bayern Munich attack and has been breaking all the scoring records in recent times.

It has always been about solving GOAT puzzle

We are always looking towards two legends of World Football, who kept us busy solving the eternal “GOAT” (Greatest of all time) puzzle. But then there is this guy, who silently let his football all the talking.

He had not been raised to same podium where Messi or Ronaldo by football critics and fans, even Neymar or Mbappe has got more adulation from fan and critics, partly because of their success with their respective National teams.

The Underrated Performer

It all started with the time 2014 summer, when Bayern grabed their prized possession for free. That was the time when Arjen Robben, Franck Ribéry and Thomas Muller were in their prime. First two have moved away from Bayern, and Lewandowski assumed the mantle of scoring goal for Bayern.


Lewandowski scored 74 Bundesliga goals from 131 matches (in 4 seasons, 103 goals from 187 matches in all competitions) for Dortmund. He scored 154 Bundesliga goals from 183 matches (in 6 seasons, 231 goals from 276 matches in all competitions) for Bayern Munich and in the race of breaking Gerd Muller’s 40 goals record in a season, which is reachable with his current scoring rate.

Robert Lewandowski – Career Records

Team/LeagueLeague GameLeague GoalTotal GameTotal Goal
Znicz Pruszków59366337
Lech Poznań58328241
Borussia Dortmund13174187103
Bayern Munich183154276231
Bundesliga 314228463334

Ducking Injury Absence

Yes, he has been bit lucky. He had two injuries in this season, but he recuperated during “New year’s break” and “Coronavirus Lockdown break”. He has been brave and a through professional, who is showing no sign of slowing down at 31, with Roy Makaay(former Bayern Munich striker) among those to have sung the praises of one of the very best in the business.

He is one of the world’s best strikers, very complete. 

Every season he scores more than 20 goals, and is important for his team-mates through his work and his vision.

It was an incredibly good signing in 2014. A free transfer! You have to remember this.”

Roy Makaay, former Bayern Munich striker told Kicker 

Messi, Ronaldo, Lewandowski – Scoring Comparison

 2014 -152015 -162016 -172017 -182018 -192019 -20
Lionel Messi584154455124
Cristiano Ronaldo615142442825
Robert Lewandowski254243414040

This is despite of Lewandowski gets chance to play four games less in Bundesliga, as they have 18 teams, as compared to 20 teams in La Liga or in Serie A.

Current Scoring Records in Bundesliga

A Tiktok vide showing Lewandowski’s dance skill.