DFB, Bayern urge UEFA for introduction of salary caps

Neymar's world record transfer to PSG in 2018 has sent transfer fees and wage costs spiralling, with Germany's Bundesliga now under threat of falling further behind other leagues across Europe

DFB and Bayern Munich to urge UEFA for introduction of salary caps
DFB and Bayern Munich to urge UEFA for introduction of salary caps

The German FA and Bayern Munich are set to write a joint proposal to UEFA urging the introduction of salary caps for European competitions.

DFB president Fritz Keller is not happy with absurd salaries and transfer fees, and urged Europe’s governing body to set a policy for a salary cap.

He also had discussions with Bayern CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who consented on the requirement of such a law.

There are absurd salaries and transfer fees that are no longer credible.

We have to talk about salary caps. I am glad that I agree with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on this point.

Therefore, we will write a letter to UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin.

Fritz Keller, DFB President on astronomal salaries in professional football

With the influx of super-rich owners and ever-increasing broadcast revenue in some of the football leagues in Europe, has led to skyrocketing transfer fees and wages. Even Bundesliga giant Bayern Munich are struggling to cope with the fire power of big European giants, mostly from Premier League.

Though only Bayern can claim to be able to compete with their big club rivals in Europe’s other top leagues in terms of financial ability.

It all started with Neymar transfer. The whole world was shock to see the Barcelona demand for £198million were met. The figure was previously considered to be unimaginable and was though to act as deterrent to any potential suitor of a player, like Neymar. But it was not to be. Now most of Real Madrid and Barcelona players have few hundred euro as their transfer fee.

The coronavirus crisis would make those ridiculas figures absolutely forgettable, as it has changed the financial ability of most of the clubs, which Keller hopes will bring much-needed change. 

Keller pointed to former UEFA president Michel Platini had a plan to follow introduce salary cap model which exists in Major League Soccer(MLS). The strategy though discussed, but could not be implemented for various reasons.

The end result must be a regulation that conforms to European law and also applies to Britain.

We must bring professional football closer to the people again.

The current crisis has brought to light problems in football that were previously overshadowed by ever new [transfer] records.

Fritz Keller, DFB President on how current crisis showing different reality.